DIN Rail Power Supplies install on metal standard DIN rail, commonly used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside industrial equipment. These power supplies come in varying Voltage and Wattages to ensure that the product offering fulfills all of your needs.
12VDC/405W/30A 1 products
24VDC/120W/5A 3 products
24VDC/15W/0.63A 1 products
24VDC/240W/10A 4 products
24VDC/30W/1.3A 1 products
24VDC/480W/20A 1 products
24VDC/60W/2.5A 1 products
24VDC/72W/3A 1 products
24VDC/80W/3.3A 1 products
24VDC/90W/3.8A 1 products
24VDC/960W/40A 3 products
36VDC/480W/13.3A 1 products
PULS 201 products
Others 1 products
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